Build Your List and Database With Your Book



Build Your List and Database With Your Book

Are you using your book to build your list?

This is an important question. Having an email list is essential to author success. Your list serves your book marketing strategies in many ways:

  • You can invite your list to your live and virtual events and signings
  • When you have new books or products (or sales) you can generate sales and social energy from your list
  • Your list is more likely to buy from you than your audience on social platforms

What strategies can you use to have your E-book help you build your list?

  • In your E-book put links to your website (with an optin on your webpage for a free product)
  • Have links in your E-book to downloadable products or resources on your webpage (which requires the reader to input an email address to access the resource)
  • Have a webinar as part of your E-book launch and the registrations to webinars will help build your list.

I had the pleasure of interviewing Ellen Violette, an E-book expert and coach who helps authors gain instant credibility and success with Best Seller KDP Launches. Ellen made the whole process of getting a book done so much easier! Ellen talked about the many ways to get your content into an E-book in 3 hours.

You can listen to the webinar here:


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