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Writing your book is the first step… marketing and selling your book is really where the rubber meets the road. As a professional speaker and author, I meet authors everyday who say things like “Charmaine I had NO idea how much work would be involved in getting my book to market”, or “WOW, I never knew how much time and energy marketing and selling my book would take.”

I can relate.

These were my exact learnings when my first book, On Toby’s Terms, was published in 2010. Fortunately I have a publisher, Bettie Youngs Books, who invested in helping me learn about the business of books, the publishing world, and why building a platform is essential for a book (and author) success. When I began hosting book signings and presentations around my book, I quickly discovered that readers really wanted to know the “person” behind the book.  That’s where influence building comes in. Being a champion or ambassador for others, social media, media, speaking and relationship building have been the five key elements that have helped me achieve success and momentum with our book marketing and sales, and the speaking arm of my business.

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Fast forward to 2016.


PBI Mandossian Olsher

I recently had the opportunity to interview two influencers I deeply respect- Alex Mandossian and Steve Olsher, Push Button Influence. Our conversation was about building influence, and there were many take aways ad tips that will help authors build their platform, and influence. You can listen to the many tips that Alex and Steve shared at:

Alex and Steve suggested that you

1. Become an influencer by consistently putting out content through new media.

Authors have lots of content, not just from their books, but also from their experience of writing the book. Find ways to share your content through a variety of new media platforms.  This will vary from author to author.  The platforms that I am most active on include: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, You Tube, and, Periscope and Webinarjam


2. Repurpose your work. You can use the same content to create books, podcasts, videos and blogs.
There are many ways that authors can repurpose their work.  Some authors turn the content and quotes into memes that are shared on social media.  You can also do short videos or podcasts about your content, as suggested by Alex.  Share excerpts from your book on interviews, webinars and in articles or social media.

3. If there are events you would like to appear or speak at, be an influencer for the host.  Alex and Steve suggest you can build that influence by volunteering to help out at an event and by becoming an ambassador/host for the event.

PBI directory for bonus
This approach allows you to begin building those long term meaningful relationships by serving others first.   Be a champion for the event by helping promote it in advance through your new media platforms. Perhaps interview some of the speakers for your blog or podcast to help promote the event. While at the event, share content via tips and pictures on social media, Periscope (livestreaming from the event), and by capturing moments on video.



These tips will help you build your influence, brand and credibility while serving the world with much needed content.  To find out more about Push Button Influence (PBI), The 2016 Directory of Influence rs(PBI) or to hear more of the great tips from Alex and Steve, watch the replay video at :  You can access the directory here:


Woman who is doing marketing work for a business

Woman who is doing marketing work for a business





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Dr. ShawneDuperon is a 6 time EMMY® award winning media coach and has been featured in major media such as CNN, ABC and INC. Magazine to name a few. Her personal passion on forgiveness led her to create a global movement called Project: Forgive, which has now earned her a Nobel Peace Prize nomination. In this exclusive interview with Charmaine Hammond, Dr. Shawne answers all the questions we ever had about mastering media. From securing interviews, to not flubbing up on air, Dr. Shawne shares her expert knowledge with Charmaine in this Global Influence Master Class.

 shawne duperon photo web

Read on to learn Shawne’s top 4 tips to getting booked for interviews with media.


1) Use Social Media

Make sure you are up-to-date and active on your social media channels. Reporters want to have their story shared. When you pitch a story to the media, one of the first thing they do is check out your social media pages. By seeing you have an active following, they will be more inclined to do a story with you.


2) Use Trends

What is trending right now? Keep up to date with the stories that are being talked about and shared the most and pitch stories to the media that relate to the trending topics. Reporters want to feature stories that are being buzzed about to attract more viewers. Use this to your advantage and pitch them a story that is not only trending, but relates to your expertise or niche.


3) Don’t Be Afraid to Contact the Media

Media is waiting for you to contact them. They need stories to share! Media will use you over and over again if you are good on camera and consistently pitching new stories. If it’s your first time, make sure you are confident pitching your story to them over the phone. If they think you are too shy or nervous to share this message publicly, they won’t want to interview you in the studio. If you don’t do well on air, it will make the reporter look bad. Don’t forget they are keeping this in mind when looking to feature people.


4) Get Booked Again

Broadcasters, TV, Radio, bloggers… send them presents! A basket of fruit, chocolate, flowers; anything you think they would like! By giving presents, you create good gossip around yourself, as the reporter will share your gift with their coworkers. Colleagues will ask who sent the basket? It starts a conversation with the other reporters who might be interested in interviewing you as well.

Bonus tip: Newspaper is completely different. Don’t send a large gift to a newspaper reporter as it might make them uncomfortable. Keep it very simple – a note or a small $5 coffee card.


Written by Julie Angeletti


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