Sell you book strategy 1 & 2

Here are two tips to spark your thinking about how to sell your books by the box instead of 1:1. 

Big Tip #1:  Research conferences and events that have your target audience in mind and sell your book by the box via sponsors.

Case example:  We created a short letter and sent it out via email to some small businesses in our community (targeting solopreneurs and small businesses). Our request was for these businesses to purchase 25, 50 or 100 books at a special sponsor price, so that the first 100 (or more, depending on how many books sold) people through the door of the event would receive a free copy of the book.  In less than an hour three small businesses (realtor, spa owner and health products distributor) emailed back confirming their order, collectively 100 books were purchased. We recognized their sponsorship in the following ways: did a video posted to you tube announcing the sponsors, put a label on the books saying “this book proudly sponsored by ____”, did a press releases, recognition on social media, on the table signage and thanked them at the event.  Selling 100 books was as easy as selling one. 


Big Tip #2:  Pre-order forms circulated before your presentation.

Case Example: Prior to school presentations, we provide the school contact/presentation organizer with a letter for parents explaining the book, and the values the children will learn through the presentation. We also include a pre-order form with opportunity to have the book signed and personalize. The school collected the order forms and money and we fulfilled the order when we arrived.